Inner Resource

In May last year I had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Richard Miller (not my dad but weird  my dad is named Richard Miller too) IREST meditation practice.  Like the Amrit Method, IREST is a yoga Nidra practice and one of its strengths is the cultivating of the "Inner Resource". your Inner resource is that place, person, experience that when you sit and feel it in your mind and body, gives you a feeling a safety, peace and happiness. Once you have the memory you sit and fill yourself up with all the sensation of the memory so you can taste, smell, feel, hear and see all the sensations that offer you a felt sense of peace and calm. Let the vision go and just sit with the feeling...this is your inner resource.

Use it whenever you can, replace the negative soundtrack with the felt sense of calm and peace. The more you do this, the easier it is to go there and when you are under stress you can reach to your inner resource easily and stay steady in the face of chaos.